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  • Bituminous Dampproofing
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It’s no surprise that having an efficient air and liquid moisture barrier is an important part of the building envelope, but the unique features AIR-SHIELD SMP offers to get the job done may have you rethinking the entire air barrier process. Here are 5 features of AIR-SHIELD SMP you won’t find everywhere else.
AIR-SHIELD SMP is a Vapor Permeable Membrane AIR-SHIELD SMP is W. R. MEADOWS' first and only sheet membrane air and moisture barrier that allows vapor transmission.
AIR-SHIELD SMP Self-Adhering Membrane Fully Bonds Without a Primer Yes, you read that correctly. AIR-SHIELD SMP self-adhering sheet membrane is designed to be fully bonded to the substrate without the use of primer, saving time and money by removing this additional step.
AIR-SHIELD SMP can be Installed in a Wide Range of Temperatures AIR-SHIELD SMP can be installed in temperatures from 32° - 140° F (0° - 60° C) which allows this product to be used throughout the majority of the year.
AIR-SHIELD SMP Offers a Controlled Thickness Membrane AIR-SHIELD SMP is highly flexible and its controlled thickness allows for the ability to bridge cracks.