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SINCE 2006, FULL MOON ENTERPRISES HAS SUPPLIED CONTRACTORS with a large selection of specialty concrete products.  We’re an Authorized Distributor of top-of-the-line products for concrete construction and restoration, and more:

  • Waterproofing, Vapor Proofing, Air Barrier Products
  • Concrete Stains, Sealers, and Overlays
  • Decorative and Specialty Concrete Products
  • Concrete Cloth
  • Erosion Control and Geotextiles

Waterproofing, Vapor Proofing

When water vapor is not controlled and is allowed to seep through concrete slabs, it’s not just building owners, designers, and contractors who suffer from damage that translates into major costs and expenses.

Air Barrier Products

AIR-SHIELD SMP is a self-adhesive, vapor permeable, air/liquid moisture barrier that is designed to be fully bonded to the substrate without the use of an adhesive or primer.

Concrete Sealers, & Overlays

SURECRETE DESIGN PRODUCTS offers you the latest in specialty and decorative concrete mix designs, aggregates, sealers and more.

Erosion Control and Geotextiles

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Specialty Concrete Products


GEOFabrics GCCM – Use it on slopes, in water, and in other hard to reach places – with no molds, no mixing, and minimal equipment.

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